TROY Collaborates With WazirX In Brokerage System Integration

TROY Trade a global prime broker that specializes in crypto-asset trading and asset management, made an announcement today about collaborating with the Indian Crypto Exchange platform WazirX. This collaboration will further initiate the unification of WazirX exchange into TroyTrade Brokerage System. 

TROY has already integrated multiple global top tiers crypto exchanges such as Binance, Huobi Global, etc. WazirX is going to be the first Indian exchange platform based on P2P trading to collaborate with TroyTrade. 

After the completion of the collaborative process, TROY will deliver more commercial opportunities including the management of assets for WazirX users. Along with this, TROY continues to offer notable services such as asset custody, liquidity, and trading volume. This partnership enhances the upcoming globalization of both WazirX and TroyTrade. 

WazirX and TroyTrade have the same entrepreneurial perspectives about crypto trading. Both organizations aim to offer the best possible financial infrastructure to their broad client base. 

It is speculated, that in near future WazirX and TROY are aiming for marketing in India as both the companies have a mutual goal of expanding the crypto community, get more crypto users and bring stable growth to the blockchain eco-systems. 

Troy Trade is a prime broker better known for trading in crypto and management. Troy provides brokerage services for retail or corporate customers and professional traders with innovative trading products.  

WazirX was launched in 2018. It is India’s most trusted cryptocurrency exchange. It has more than 200,000 app downloads with an average rating of 4.4. To help the traders to convert Indian Rupees to crypto and vice versa WazirX also launched the world’s first auto-matching P2P trading engine.

Hummingbot Introduces First-ever Liquidity Mining Live Campaigns

Hummingbot, announces the launch of its first-ever liquidity mining campaign on its twitter handle. Liquidity mining is an alternative digital marketplace for liquidity that reduces the dependence of hiring market makers. The proposed campaign will last for a continuous period of 12 weeks and the total reward pool for the campaign is decided to be around USDC 51,000. Hummingbot is a renowned open-source, fully automated, reliable, and secure institutional crypto market software client, that aids in maintaining and running high-frequency trading bots based on crypto. It focusses on democratizing high-frequency trading bots or HFTs. Launched in April 2019, Hummingbot, with its amazing inherent features, has compelled more than ten thousand people around the world to install its open-source HFT software. Hummingbot’s present weekly install rate has reached an 18% clip until now.

As per the announcement, initially, there will be four campaigns that will go live at 12.00am UTC on March 3, 2020, for the four launch partners of Hummingbot, namely, Harmony, iExec, Zcoin, and Zilliqa. Participants in these initial campaigns will be rewarded for trading in eligible tokens on, on a weekly basis, generally starting from the first Tuesday at 12.00am GMT through the next Tuesday.

To participate in the liquidity mining, one has to first install the Hummingbot miner’s app or log onto their official liquidity mining website, ‘’miners.’’. As the tokens will be rewarded to the participants on the Binance platform, the next step is to configure the app to trade in Binance. After this, the participants need to create read-only API keys for their Binance account. Now the users are ready to sign up and register as Hummingbot miners, with their read-only Binance API keys. The users can also connect to their Ethereum wallet where the rewards would be received. In the Activity tab of the app, the token rewards can be tracked.

Hummingbot came up with this idea of liquidity mining in November 2019, to enable crypto projects and exchanges source liquidity from a decentralized network of liquidity miners (both professional and individual), thereby resulting in blatant transparency gains and cost savings. Moreover, liquidity miners can also earn more than 10% per year from installing and running Hummingbot to provide liquidity.

Through this recent introduction of the live liquidity mining campaign in 2020, Hummingbot’s main focus lies in proving that liquidity mining offers a better liquidity solution for crypto projects and exchanges where anyone can earn a promising percentage of their crypto holdings. Hummingbot also aims at making the Hummingbot app more user-friendly for those who are not so technical about the complex jargon.